How to upgrade Nissan Patrol Y62 Infotainment System

How to upgrade Nissan Patrol Y62 Infotainment System

Posted by Extnix on 5th Mar 2024

Did you just buy a falshy new Y62 without the latest infotainment features. Look no further!

Introducing our state of the art Extnix Y62 Nissan Patrol infotainment system with improved features, and bigger 13.1" screen.

Upgrading the factory radio head unit in your Nissan Patrol Y62 to the latest Extnix Android infotainment system can be a challenging task. 

In this blog we will try to make it as simple as possible and we strongly recommend using service of a qualified professional to install the audio system.

These instructions are for reference only. The correct and most appropriate procedure may vary depending on (without limitation) vehicle type, user experience, product specifications and/or changes in technology, laws, regulations or best practices.

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