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Q1. Australian Toyota Tarago vs JDM Estima Stereo Wiring.

Difference between Australian Toyota Tarago and JDM Estima Stereo Wiring

Toyota Tarago have been one of the most popular people mover in Australia since 2000 as it offered style and space for growing families however in terms of comfort and features they do not offer much. Incomes JDM (Japan Domestic Market) imports of Toyota Estima.  JDM Imports rate very high on looks, comfort, features and price tag which is cheaper than buying a base Toyota Australia officially released Tarago.

One of the the major features difference is infotainment systems in both Tarago and JDM Estima.

Most Taragos till 2015 were sold with just basic CD players and only Ultima / some GLX models after 2010 came with Factory Navigation and single reverse camera.