Car Stereo & Interior Repair Tool Set: Auto Door Clip Panel Disassembly Kits

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Car Stereo & Interior Repair Tool Set: Auto Door Clip Panel Mechnical Disassembly Refit Kits

Looking for the perfect tool set to help you dismantle and install your car stereo? Look no further! Extnix car stereo install tools are perfect for installing and removing auto door and window trim, moldings, panels, emblems, and similar fittings and clips. They are applicable to liner, instrument table, instrument console, audio control area and fit any car model, reducing the possibility of abrasions to your car's interior.

Extnix tool set features a unique anti-scratch and labor-saving design, ensuring that your car remains in pristine condition during installation. With a variety of tools available, including different shapes of plastic corners that can work for most edges and complex curves, our tool set is practical and convenient for any car lover.

Made of high-quality plastic and metal material, our tool set is both practical and portable, making it easy to use and carry with you wherever you go. Upgrade your car stereo with ease and confidence using our car stereo install tools.