How to install Mazda BT50 Infotainment System

How to install Mazda BT50 Infotainment System

Posted by Extnix on 9th Apr 2024

Extnix Infotainment System Installation in Mazda BT50 UP 2012 - 2015

Disclaimer: These instructions are for reference only. The correct and most appropriate procedure may vary depending on (without limitation) vehicle type, user experience, product specifications and/or changes in technology, laws, regulations or best practices.

We strongly recommend using service of a qualified professional to install the audio system.

Extreme Electronix Pty Ltd is not responsible for and will not accept any direct and/or indirect liability for: cost; damages; claims, warranty; accidents; injuries; death; law and traffic violations; and expenses that is or may be incurred or suffered by you as a result of carrying out the activities in this how to installation Instructions.

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Safety First - Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

Supported unit – Only following unit is supported.