Evolution of Android Infotainment Systems/Headunit

Evolution of Android Infotainment Systems/Headunit

30th Jul 2023

People use different types of tools and devices to make their cars fast, new, reliable, and flexible during driving. One such thing is Android infotainment systems or headunit. The main purpose of Android infotainment systems is that you can drive safely without being distracted and not get bored while driving by enjoying different things for your amusement.

It can be music, dramas, movies, and if you have kids then cartoons for them attached on a big screen. You also don’t have to miss important calls and meetings if you’re running late and need to attend them in your car. But the question is, if these apps or software are so good then you should know about the evolution of Android infotainment systems/headunit in detail.

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Evolution Of Android Infotainment Systems/Headunit:

To know about the evolution of Android infotainment systems/headunit, you should know about different advancements which lead to in-car advancements.

6 Main Phases In Android Infotainment Systems:

Following are some of the main phases which lead to the invention of infotainment systems and its better and unique functions.

1. Radio:

that it all started long ago when electrical devices like FM or AM radios were introduced in 1933 and people found a new way to be entertained by listening to their favorite music and be aware of different conditions about what’s going on in their country while driving. But It was not so advanced due to which the connection could be disabled sometimes and the music quality was also not very clear.

Then as time passed by, different new advancements took place in radio, improving its features and quality and making it more appealing to use without the fear of the signals being broken.

2. Compact Disc Player (CD):

After that, the introduction of the CD player in 1982-1983 through which people can take advantage of keeping different CDs with them and changing different songs from time to time without worrying about the signals or poor sound quality.

Then after those main electronic devices were introduced for cars through which you can be aware of your car’s petrol, speed level, and engine’s condition easily.

3. Global Positioning System:

In the year 1990, a new and important friendly device known as Global Positioning System or GPS so you can easily find your way wherever you’re going without facing any difficulty or asking any stranger.

4. Digital Versatile Disc:

Then the introduction of DVD players for vehicles increased the excitement of users as they can now watch different types of documentaries, movies, cartoons, and their favorite stuff without the fear of missing out on an important part of their favorite stuff. Also in this period, the invention of devices through which you can connect your mobile phones to your cars was introduced which gave access to people to listen not only to music but also to their calls and messages without even using too much mobile while driving.

5. Modern Times:

And now, if we talk about present times, there have been so many new software and apps introduced with improved features and qualities through which you can easily get connected to anyone anywhere in the world and don’t need to rush somewhere in rash driving which can lead to accidents and mishaps as you can keep your professional and personal lives managed in this way. You can even use features like voice assistants or enjoy the big tv-screens in your cars while going on a long journey.

6. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto:

There are two main software in a car introduced known as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and you may need an iPhone and an Android phone to use these software and enjoy unlimited features without doing the hard work of moving and opening different apps by yourself and letting your assistant do the work for you. Both of these software are best for a car and provide different types of characteristics but you should choose the one which is suitable for you.

The evolution of Android infotainment systems or headunit is very lengthy because every electronic device that has been introduced played its role in improving the working of your car.


The history of starting Android infotainment systems is discussed in this article in detail so you can have the right knowledge about the things you’re using in your car and can tell anyone about it in detail with proper confidence.

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