Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto

Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto

30th Jul 2023

It is an important requirement of today’s world that your smartphones must have some apps or software through which you can connect them to your vehicles and use them easily while driving. In this way, you cannot miss any important messages, calls, and other notifications about your work or personal life.

The two main important and most used features in a car while driving are Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto. With the help of these apps, drivers can easily access different apps on their mobiles without touching them and enjoy using different apps, listening to music, getting directions from GPS, or attending important calls without feeling like breaking the law just by viewing everything you’re commanding the system to open. And now we’re going to discuss the differences between Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto or android auto vs Apple CarPlay in detail.

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5 Major Differences Between Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto:

There are many important differences between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and they are given in detail below.

1. Navigation Systems:

The first and foremost difference between Apple Carplay and Android Auto is that their navigation systems are different from each other. Apple CarPlay uses Apple Maps while Android Auto uses Google Maps default. You can choose to use any other app you would like instead of Google Maps or Apple Maps if you don’t want to use these apps.

2.Creative Connections:

The second difference is that you can use both of these apps in your vehicles without even working hard for starting an app or checking up the messages or notifications as they will allow you to see every notification on the screen. But the thing is that Apple CarPlay does not provide a system where you can see different things at one time on your screen.

Whereas Android Auto provides you the option to see different things at a time without wasting time and they appear different things on the screen by making them half but enough for a person to easily see the important notifications and stuff.

3. Conversational Assistants:

The third difference is that both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have AI-based conversational assistants namely Siri and Google Assistant which provide the same facilities for picking up calls, seeing messages, playing music, or doing according to the command of you while driving. But some people prefer Google Assistant over Siri because it can easily hear what you’re ordering it to do.

4. Third-Party Software or Apps:

The fourth difference is that you can install another app or software and use it on Android Auto but you cannot use too many apps of Android on Apple CarPlay easily.

5. iPhone 5 or Android Phone:

The fifth difference is that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are already installed in your car when you buy it but then you have to buy an iPhone 5 for Apple CarPlay and an IOS mobile with 8.0 Android working on it. So it can work properly and you don’t feel annoyed or frustrated suddenly when your vehicle gets stuck somewhere without having proper knowledge and good connections.

After discussing the above-mentioned differences, you must decide by yourself which one of the software you should use and add to your house because different types of factors should be kept in mind before as they can affect the working of your car and you cannot enjoy your driving properly.


The last thought to share about these infotainment systems is that both Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto are best according to their features. But you should be understanding that Apple CarPlay software is for people who use iPhones and Android Auto uses Android mobiles to get all of the possible advantages of using these systems.

Before you make up your mind about buying anything, think about your likes and dislikes about different functions available in Apple car play and android auto because people firstly buy different things for their vehicles but then feel bored and angry that why do they buy such things they don’t required or have any idea about it.

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