Apple CarPlay: Do I Need To Have It

Apple CarPlay: Do I Need To Have It

1st Sep 2023

Using your car freely without missing important things or getting late is very important for car owners. Due to this infotainment systems like Apple Carplay have been used by car owners for a very long time. And today we are going to discuss every single feature of Apple CarPlay. Because people are interested in knowing about Apple CarPlay: Do I need to have it or not?

Complete Guide: Apple CarPlay: Do I Need To Have It?

The system of Apple CarPlay was introduced in the year of 2014 in March. And with the help of Apple CarPlay, users can easily drive without getting distracted. With the help of this free system, car owners can easily connect different devices with their car system or car receiver. And over time, Apple Carplay has developed several new systems for the betterment of its users. There is another in-car system which is Android Auto and people want to know the comparison between Apple CarPlay vs Android Auto systems.

Through this system, you don’t have to worry about reaching your favorite and important destinations on time. Or missing important meetings or calls from your loved ones. And even if you want to enjoy and keep focused while driving, you can easily play different songs without even lifting a finger or touching your iPhone. And to use Apple’s CarPlay, you must have an iPhone. Some cars have no built-in Apple CarPlay system so people want to know if Can I add Apple CarPlay to my car. In detail.

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Functioning Of Siri:

To enhance users' experience and make them satisfied, a computerized voice assistant, namely “Siri” is used in Apple CarPlay. All you have to do is just ask to open a specific app or things you want to enjoy which are permitted by Apple’s CarPlay. But you may have to face some limitations in the working of Siri. Because it can only understand some languages right now, which includes languages of English, Thai, Spanish, and Italian.


But Siri still needs to be more good and advanced in functioning. There are problems in texting someone which might need to be edited again to see if it's ok or not. There are apps like Maps and Music Apple that support and help you with your requirements. And soon Siri is going to be more advanced in its functioning.

8 Functions You Can Use With Your Apple’s CarPlay:

With the help of Apple’s Carplay, you can use various apps in your car when it is connected to your mobile device. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Play different music supported by Apple on the Touch Screen Apple CarPlay
  • Attend important calls
  • Texts your friends and colleagues
  • You can even do books on tape without waiting to get home
  • You can even check the time and date with this system
  • You can also listen and enjoy various vlogs, important updates on news, and webinars
  • You can also access different types of settings and change it according to your preferences
  • With the help of built-in Apple Maps, you can reach your important places easily without asking for directions

Also, Apple CarPlay is making contact with different app developers to make its functioning more unique and advanced. Some of the services they are trying to access are:

  • Wayfinding techniques
  • Texting and sound system developments
  • Services for a parking lot or giving you access to order meals from different places

You can even download different apps from the App Store and enjoy playing music or connecting with others through different sources.

3 Drawbacks Of Apple CarPlay:

If you are looking for Apple's CarPlay for your car then you must also know about its drawbacks.

  • Limited functioning in Siri
  • Not many connections with other app developers
  • Limited functioning for access to just Apple’s music and maps

But you can use it as a good companion while driving because other than these drawbacks they are very user-friendly and are becoming more advanced.

Can You Use An iPad For CarPlay?

You can use new and old models of iPhones with Apple Carplay but you cannot use an iPad with this system. However, due to access to different modern apps and systems, users love to use this type of infotainment system in their cars.

3 Main Advises:

  • Make sure to buy the right type of car deck that can connect with your car functions.
  • Buy the type of car deck that has a warranty and also check reviews of their customers so you can be satisfied with their services. You can also check vhedia’s car receivers because they have the best quality and long lasting car receivers.
  • If you try to buy a cheap car deck, then the quality of the product will not be good and you may have to spend extra money on its repair or buy it again.


Apple CarPlay: Do I need to have it depending on the type of your car’s similarity with this system? Plus if you want to change the non-similar car decks with the ones that can connect with Apple’s CarPlay then you can do it. In this system, you don’t have to connect your phone to the system and can enjoy the use of different apps.

You can even download unlimited files, series, movies, and other stuff like that with the help of this system. If you want all of these functions in your car, then try the Apple CarPlay system for your car.

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