Installation Of CarPlay In An Older Car

Installation Of CarPlay In An Older Car

12th Aug 2023

Improving the ability of your car and making it better is what everyone wants for their car. There are different types of technologies, products, and applications introduced to enhance the driving experience while driving. One such technology is infotainment systems in a car. Apple CarPlay is a type of in-car system through which you can take your important calls, reply to texts and enjoy different pleasurable things while you are driving.

And they have the same features as Universal Wireless Apple CarPlay Android Auto 7". But they are installed in most of the newly improved models of cars. And if you are planning to install CarPlay in an older car of yours then you came to the right spot. Here is a complete step-by-step procedure to install CarPlay in an older car.

8 Steps For The Installation Of CarPlay In An Older Car:

Before you start the installation process, check your car’s accordion with Apple CarPlay. If it can work in your older car, then start the installation process by following these important steps.

1. Purchasing Of New Connector Or Car Stereo:

The first step is to visit a local store near your house and buy a good affordable connector or car receiver from a competitive replacement automobile parts market. But make sure it is working in good condition and all of its functions are running well. It will save you extra cost and you can easily install a CarPlay in your car keeping your budget safe and secure.

2. Required Appliances:

The second step in the installation of CarPlay in an older car is to have required appliances you will need for the installation process, which can be wire removal tools, wire connectors, tweezers, etc. all of such tools can be helpful during the process must be by your side when you start the procedure of installation.

3. Disengage The Power Unit:

The third main step is to disengage the power unit or battery of your car before you start the process. This step is done to make sure you and your car are safe when working with electrical equipment.

4. Take Out The Past Unit:

The fourth step is to carefully take out the past unit or connector from your car following the instructions of the constructor.

5. Electrifying Process:

The fifth step is to make a good wire connection between your connector or car receiver following the instructions from the circuit layout. When getting in contact with the wires, make sure to stay safe and do this step carefully.

6. Set Up New Unit:

The sixth step is to set up the new car receiver or connector in the required place. Make sure to place it safely without damaging any other electrical equipment in your car.

7. Confluence:

The seventh step in the installation of CarPlay in an older car is to confluence or connect your main devices with your CarPlay system which you are going to use with your infotainment system.

8. Analysis:

The eighth and last step is to analyze the work you have done and to make sure that you have a secured connection of your CarPlay system with your devices and that they are working at their maximum level. So you don’t have to face any problems while you are on a long trip or journey where you need this improved infotainment system.

Alternative Option:

If you can follow the above-mentioned 8 steps easily then you can do the installation of CarPlay in an older car but if you feel something is not working properly, you should not hesitate to take the services of a better and professional car technician who can install the CarPlay system in your car easily. Because it is their daily basis work and they can do it more perfectly and professionally.


To summarize the topic of the installation of CarPlay in an older car, you can install it and make your car work better and your driving experience even good by choosing the suitable head unit or connector with it and then following the 8 steps mentioned in this article. All of the steps need to be done with proper care because any wrong step can lead to different types of problems in your car’s functioning.