A Dash Cam As A Security Camera

A Dash Cam As A Security Camera

20th Jul 2023

Keeping one’s car is very important and you can do it by using different types of equipment introduced for this purpose. One such piece of equipment is a dash cam. A dash cam or control board camera is installed in the inside area of a car to film the inside part of the car or the outer area of the car while driving. And with the help of these recordings, you can use them in case of any mishaps as proof. But the main question here is if it is so beneficial, can you use a dash cam as a security camera too?

Can You Use A Dash Cam as a Security Camera Too?

The answer is yes and we are going to discuss the plus points you can have if you use a dash cam as a security camera.

4 Advantages of Using a Dash Cam As a Security Camera:

The following are the main advantages besides many others of using a dash cam as a security camera.

1. Cheaper Price:

The first main advantage of using a dash cam as a security camera is that it saves you money by using the already installed dash cam in your car as compared with installing a new security camera which requires money for both purchasing and installation of the system.

2. Installation Method is Simple:

The second advantage of a dash cam is that the installation method of a dash cam is simple and easy. So the users can easily install it without feeling difficulty and can be used as a security camera for their cars.

3. Provide a Better Quality While Filming:

Another advantage of a dash cam is that the quality of resolution of a dash cam is very good and everything you record in it comes clear and bright. Due to this, you can easily record whatever you want.

4. Unstoppable Video-Taping:

The fourth and most amazing advantage of a dashcam is that it provides an unstoppable video-taping feature to its users through which they can record anything at any time.

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Installation Process (4 Steps):

There are several materials required during the installation process and they are discussed below in detail.

1. Organize the Spot:

The first and most important step in installing the dash cam into your car is to organize and select the place or area where you want to set it up. Because if the place where you set it up is not providing a clear view then you cannot record anything so select the spot for installation carefully.

2. Source Of Energy:

After the first step is completed, the next step is to select the right source of energy which suits your dash cam and car. As a dash cam needs to have a backup if you want to use it for a longer period. There are different options available in selecting the source of energy for your dash cam and you can get advice from the store owner where you are buying the power source or from a local expert of vehicle equipment in your area as they have good knowledge about such products.

Plus keep in mind to check its warranty, durability, and working limit so you can buy the best one for your car.

3. Capacity Of Storing Data:

The third step is to insert an SD card which can be removed later on and provide a large storage capacity so you can easily record everything in it also in case anything is accidentally deleted, providing you a backup option so everything important you need to keep safe is stored in your possession.

4. Advanced Options:

The fourth step is to connect your dash cam with different sources whether it can be a laptop, mobile, or an iPad, etc. you can connect it with Wi-Fi so you can have access to your dash cam’s feed even if you are not around your car.


Can you use a dash cam as a security camera? The simple answer to that question is yes but you must have proper knowledge about the benefits, types of dash cams, and the process of installation of a dash cam so if you have to do it by yourself or anyone needs your help you can help them and provide them a better solution. The above-mentioned advantages and installation procedure is discussed in detail for your convenience.

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