About Us

Our mission is to spread audio bliss through thoughtful product curation, accurate information and expert advice - one customer at a time. We are located in Epping, Victoria and we were founded in 2007. We have served thousands for nearly 12 years, and plan on helping people find audio bliss for years to come!

We are a registered Australian Company with ACN# 126 759 742, ABN# 43 126 759 742.

We strongly believe that cheaper is not always better. It is the total Value which in the end makes the difference i.e. Pre Sales Service, Price, After Sales Service, Warranty/Repairs, etc. By specialising in our products we can give you a bigger and better buying experience!

You'll also notice that our team is genuinely interested in helping you. We like what we do which means you'll enjoy a level of service not readily available at typical large retail stores.


Thank you,

Team @ Extreme Electronix

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