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Explore Extnix's Premium In Car Infotainment System Selection

Elevate your driving experience with Extnix's extensive array of head units crafted specifically for car stereos, radios, and audio systems. Recognizing the pivotal role of an exceptional infotainment system in enhancing your journey, Extnix presents a diverse range of high-quality options and accessories meticulously tailored to meet your car audio requirements.

Your car stereo head unit, often referred to as a car radio, acts as the nucleus of your vehicle's sound system. It serves as your gateway to entertainment, granting access to radio stations, CDs, auxiliary inputs, and seamless smartphone connectivity. At Extnix, our foremost priority is to furnish you with premium head units enriched with indispensable features, such as Bluetooth capability, facilitating wireless music streaming and hands-free calls, thereby ensuring both convenience and safety while on the road. Stay effortlessly connected and in command while prioritizing safety during every drive.

For Apple aficionados, we present our cutting-edge Wireless Apple CarPlay head units seamlessly integrating with your iPhone, granting easy access to a myriad of apps, free navigation options including Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze, along with intuitive Siri voice commands. Likewise, for Android enthusiasts, we offer Wireless Android Auto head units seamlessly syncing with your Android phone, providing hassle-free access to apps, free navigation via Google Maps and Waze, and intuitive Google voice commands.

Transform your car's sound system by perusing our comprehensive collection of premium head units and car audio accessories. Whether you seek a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo, a Wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto infotainment system, or a premium head unit car radio, Extnix has you covered. Require installation assistance? Explore our installation help section for a detailed, step-by-step guide on installing a head unit.

Shopping with Extnix is effortless and convenient, with online ordering and doorstep delivery services readily available. Should you require expert advice or assistance with your car audio system, do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email. Our friendly staff stands ready to provide you with installation tips and assistance with setup, ensuring a seamless experience.

Irrespective of your identity or your vehicle of choice, enhance your driving experience with Extnix Infotainment Systems.