Upgrade Toyota LC100 Series Android Auto infotainment system

Upgrade Toyota LC100 Series Android Auto infotainment system

Posted by Extnix on 20th Feb 2024

Integrate Android Auto seamlessly into your Toyota LC100 Series for an enriched driving experience and take every journey with confidence and ease. Access modern connectivity features, safety measures, and entertainment choices all through its dashboard display screen. Unleash its true potential while heading out on every adventure hassle-free.

Why Upgrade Your Toyota LC100 Series With Android Auto?

  • Enhance Connectivity: Android Auto allows for enhanced connectivity by giving access to popular apps and services right from your car's touchscreen display, keeping you informed while on the road.
  • Improved Safety: Android Auto was designed with safety as its top priority, featuring simplified interfaces, voice command features, and hands-free operation to reduce distractions and ensure a safer driving experience for its drivers.
  • Enhance Your Entertainment: Experience music, podcasts, and audiobooks seamlessly on the go by integrating popular entertainment apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Audible.

How Can I Upgrade my Toyota LC100 Series With Android Auto?

Step 1: Check Compatibility

Before initiating an upgrade process, ensure your LC100 Series 03-07 Android Auto Infotainment System is compatible by consulting manufacturer specifications or a professional installer to assess compatibility.

Step 2: Select an Android Auto Unit

Selecting an Android Auto unit compatible with your Toyota LC100 Series vehicle is crucial to its successful implementation. Factors to take into account include display size, interface compatibility, and additional features like integrated navigation or voice recognition.

Step 3: Accumulate Tools and Accessories

Prepare all necessary tools and accessories required for installation, such as wiring harnesses, mounting brackets, trim removal tools, and wiring connectors. With your manufacturer's instructions in mind, gather everything required for an effortless installation process.

Step 4: Disassemble Existing Infotainment System

Carefully uninstall the current infotainment system from your Toyota LC100 Series using appropriate tools and following manufacturer-provided guidance to avoid damaging components or wire harnesses.

Step 5: Setup Android Auto Unit

Install the Android Auto system according to the manufacturer's instructions in your Toyota LC100 Series and test for proper wiring connections, secure mounting, and functionality before moving on to step two of this process.

Step 6: Configuring Android Auto Settings

Once installation is complete, adjust Android Auto settings to make driving an enjoyable experience. Connect your phone via USB, set display settings accordingly, and personalize app preferences according to your tastes and needs.

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FAQs about Upgrade Toyota LC100 Series Android Auto infotainment system

Q: Can Android Auto work on all Toyota LC100 Series models?

A: Compatibility may depend upon your Toyota's year and trim level - for more accurate compatibility information refer to either manufacturer specifications or professional installers for help.

Q: Can Android Auto work wirelessly?

A: Some units of Android Auto offer wireless functionality, making use possible without using USB cables; however, wireless functionality may require extra setup or compatibility with certain smartphones.

Q: Can I install my Android Auto myself or do I require professional installation services?

A: While most individuals can successfully install Android Auto themselves, professional services may also be needed in certain instances for installation or additional services to make necessary updates available to their car.

Q: Can I install Android Auto myself, or do I need professional installation?

A: While many enthusiasts may attempt to install Android Auto themselves, professional installation is always advised for optimal results. Experienced installers possess all of the skills and tools required for seamless integration into Toyota LC100 Series vehicles.


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