Types Of Automotive Electrical Connectors

Types Of Automotive Electrical Connectors

12th Jul 2023

Modifying your car and making it cool and unique in front of others is everyone’s passion nowadays. And as new technology is coming, there are new and updated tools and materials available in the market to change the speed, look, and accessories of your car completely changing its appearance. Just like other products you can use automotive electrical connectors for that purpose.

What are Automotive Electrical Connectors?

Automotive electrical connectors are made to handle automobiles having electrical systems. As new designs in cars are launching which are all electrically based and their system ensures to give your car a safe, secure, and smooth running ability, these connectors can help you run your car without getting into any electrical problems. They are available in different designs, shapes, characteristics, uses, and sizes according to the customer's demands.

5 Most Common Types of Automotive Electrical Connectors:

Now we are going to discuss some common types of automotive electrical connectors which are used in different types of automobiles. They are the following:

1. Blade Electrical Connectors:

The most used type of connector is the blade electrical connector. They are efficient and easy to use. They have a metal blade that slips into the female connector. They are available in different sizes and designs which are unique in their specifications. Blade connectors are mainly used for connecting wires to switches, fuses, and relays. Blade connectors are very simple to install which gives you the ability to have a safe and strong connection.

But blade electrical connectors are not a good option for high-pulse surroundings and they do not have a waterproof seal which can cause problems for your car like erosion or electrical damage.

2. Butt Electrical Connectors:

The second type of automotive electrical connectors is Butt electrical connectors and they provide a long-lasting and efficient connection. They are mostly used to connect the wires to the same gauge. They have a metal funnel with a ridging area in the center. The wires you want to connect come in contact with the funnel and the ridging area is pressed to provide a stable connection.

Butt connectors are also not efficient with high-pulse surroundings like blade connectors and can cause serious electrical damage to your car and do not have a waterproof sealant.

3. Bullet Electrical Connectors:

Also known as male or female connectors, bullet electrical connectors are a good choice for high-pulse surroundings. The male connector in it has a shape of a bullet with an end that fits right into the female connector. To connect wires to lights and ignition switches, bullet connectors are used. They provide a stable and safe connection and are simple to install.

Unlike butt and blade connectors, bullet connectors provide a waterproof sealant through which your car can remain safe from malfunctioning different electrical processes. But if you want to disconnect it, it will be a difficult task for you plus the male connector with a bullet-shaped end will also wear down with the passage of time making it difficult for the female connector to fit into it.

4. Eyelet Connectors:

The next type of connector is the eyelet connector which is also known as a ring terminal. They provide a perfect and safe connection and are used to connect the wires to bolts or screws. They consist of a metal ring with a ridging area and a shaft in the center for the screws and bolts. They are also used to connect to the booster cable. They also provide a waterproof sealant for the safety of your car from damage and problems.

Ring terminals are not suitable for plain level surfaces and the ring can become old over time due to which the connection becomes weak.

5. Weather Pack Electrical Connectors:

According to its name, weather-pack electrical connectors are a good choice for dealing with bad weather situations. Weather pack connectors are easy to install and provide a safe and stable connection. Weather pack connectors are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Weather pack connectors have male and female connectors which provide a waterproof seal to secure your car from the different types of damage that can be caused due to water and unbearable weather conditions.

Weather pack connectors are used mainly for engine sections and other open areas. They are also used for connecting electrical parts like injectors and sensors, etc. But like ring terminals, it is also difficult to disable weather pack connectors and they also wear down over time giving you a poor connection.


Selecting new accessories for the better performance of your automobiles is very important nowadays and we have discussed the main and most usable types of automotive electrical connectors in detail so you can have better insight into every type of automotive electrical connector you can easily decide the right electrical connector for your car.