Suzuki Swift Head Unit Upgrade

22nd Oct 2023

With its stylish, economical, and affordable design, the Suzuki Swift has become adored by many drivers worldwide. It’s an ultra-compact, easy to maneuver vehicle that provides great fuel economy, perfect for everyday commuters and city explorations. If you're looking to enhance your driving experience, a Suzuki Swift Head Unit Upgrade is an excellent choice.

In this article, we will delve into a topic that can significantly enhance your Suzuki Swift experience - the head unit upgrade. We will explore why upgrading your car's head unit is a wise decision and guide you on where to find the best upgrades that suit your Swift.

Why Consider a Head Unit Upgrade for Suzuki Swift?

The factory-installed head units in most vehicles, including the Suzuki Swift, often come with limitations. These units may lack the latest technology, have basic audio quality, limited features, and outdated interfaces. They might not even offer compatibility with your smartphone, making it challenging to stay connected and entertained on the road.

1. Enhanced audio quality:

This improvement will greatly enhance your audio when listening to your favorite music as it becomes much clearer and creates more involving surroundings.

2. Advanced features:

A new head unit allows you to enjoy such technologies as touchscreens, adjustable displays and easy-to-use controls that help make your road trip more secure and enjoyable.

3. Smartphone integration:

The numerous enhancements come integrated with features such as Suzuki Swift 11 - 17 Apple Carplay and Android Auto, that enable you to interact with applications, dial calls, or navigate effortlessly via your smartphone.

4. Built-in navigation:

Say goodbye to the hassle of using a separate GPS device. Many upgraded head units come with built-in navigation, ensuring you never lose your way.

5. Expandability:

You can tailor your system with additional components like amplifiers, subwoofers, and rearview cameras to create your dream in-car entertainment setup.

6. Compatibility:

The right upgrade ensures that your new head unit works perfectly with your Suzuki Swift, avoiding any compatibility issues.

7. Improved connectivity:

Experience better connectivity with your internet and other devices to deliver ultimate infotainment value.

8. Up-to-date technology:

Your car will seem like a technologically advanced one as you continue staying in touch with the latest trends and features of technology.

9. Enhanced resale value:

This includes replacing your default head unit which can enhance the resale value of your Suzuki Swift and therefore appeal much more to prospective buyers.

Where to Find the Best Suzuki Swift Head Unit Upgrades

When it comes to upgrading your Suzuki Swift's head unit, Extnix stands out as a reliable and trusted source for top-notch solutions. They specialize in providing high-quality head units designed to transform your car's infotainment system.

A good head unit upgrade should meet certain criteria. It should enhance your driving experience, be user-friendly, and seamlessly integrate with your Suzuki Swift. Extnix excels in all these areas, offering upgrades, such as the EXTNIX Suzuki Swift 05 - 11 Apple Carplay, that bring the latest technology and features right into your vehicle.

1. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility:

Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility allow for an easy connection of your smartphone, thus enabling you to use your favorite applications while still being on the move—Extnix head units.

2. Android-powered Head Units:

Certain components of the Extnix have an Android based interface that is conveniently easy to use.

3. Inclusion of Necessary Installation Equipment:

Extnix offers kits that include all the essential installation equipment, making the upgrade process hassle-free.

In addition, Extnix is serious about consumer satisfaction, hence they have a full support team available to clarify any queries or challenges you may encounter before and after installation.

Benefits of Upgrading Suzuki Swift with Extnix

Choosing Extnix for your head unit upgrade comes with numerous advantages, including access to the latest technology, reliable products, and excellent customer support. Extnix ensures that your Suzuki Swift gets the upgrade it deserves, enhancing your driving experience.

Extnix may also offer additional perks like warranties, regular software updates, and a community of like-minded enthusiasts, creating a comprehensive and enjoyable ownership experience.


To make it technologically current, improve your fun, and increase the sale value up-gradation of your Suzuki Swift’s head unit would be a wise move. If you need an exceptional car stereo and head unit upgrade, EXTNIX is here to serve you to your satisfaction rightly and satisfactorily.

Upgrade your Suzuki Swift into a whole new level of Suzuki Infotainment System and connectivity. Upgrade your driving experience with an Extnix head unit!

It's time to take action and experience the countless benefits of a head unit upgrade. Visit Extnix, explore their range of upgrades, and embark on a journey to a more advanced and enjoyable driving experience in your Suzuki Swift. Your upgraded infotainment system awaits!