Subaru Impreza Head Unit Upgrade

17th Nov 2023

Upgrading the head unit in a Subaru Impreza is a standard upgrade among car enthusiasts and music lovers. This upgrade enhances the car's entertainment system and provides sophisticated connection capabilities, improved sound quality, and access to many current infotainment alternatives.

A Subaru Impreza head unit upgrade is a practical and satisfying alteration that may enrich your everyday adventures, whether you want a more immersive driving experience or flawless interaction with your smartphone through the Subaru Infotainment System.

Define Upgradation of Subaru Impreza Head Unit

EXTNIX Subaru Impreza 2007-2011 head unit replacement involves replacing the original audio and infotainment system with a more modern and feature-rich aftermarket one.

This update usually includes a new touchscreen display, better audio, better connection, and sophisticated multimedia capabilities like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and GPS navigation. Subaru Impreza owners who want to personalize their interior often upgrade the head unit to improve entertainment, connection, and user experience.

Why Consider a Subaru Impreza Head Unit Upgrade?

A factory-installed head unit on your Impreza may have limited you. Simple factory head units lack the latest features and technology that might enhance your driving experience. Here are several reasons to update your head unit:

  • Improved Audio Quality: A head unit update may dramatically increase your vehicle's sound quality. Better audio components and customizable settings enable you to optimize your song.
  • Enhanced connection: Modern head units provide sophisticated connection choices such as Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, making it more straightforward to access and remain connected while driving.
  • Navigation: Many improved head units provide built-in GPS navigation, eliminating your need for a separate GPS device or smartphone application.
  • Raise in Resale Value: When you decide to sell or trade-in your Subaru Impreza, an improved head unit might make it more appealing to prospective purchasers.

Choosing the Right Head Unit

A good driving experience depends on choosing a suitable automobile audio head unit. Consider your vehicle's make and model, Bluetooth connection, touchscreen interface, and smartphone integration. Audio quality, equalization, and amplifier compatibility should be priorities.

The head unit's size and appearance should match your car's dashboard. Lastly, assess your budget and compare products to discover the best blend of functionality and price, whether you're planning a Subaru Liberty Legacy, Toyota RAV4 Head Unit Upgrade or any other, to improve in-car entertainment and convenience.


A Subaru Impreza head unit upgrade is an excellent way to increase your vehicle's usefulness and audio quality. You may have a more pleasurable and connected driving experience with the correct equipment and a little DIY attitude. So don't be afraid to invest and take your Subaru Impreza to the next level of motor pleasure. Have a safe and enjoyable drive!