LC200 Series 2016 - 2020 GXL Carplay Upgrade

LC200 Series 2016 - 2020 GXL Carplay Upgrade

Posted by Extnix on 20th Feb 2024

LC200 Series 2016-2020 GXL carplay upgrades your vehicle into an advanced hub of connectivity and convenience with Apple Carplay connectivity, providing enhanced navigation, communication, and entertainment options through an infotainment system.

Advantages of Upgrading to GXL Carplay in 2016-2020 LC200 Series

  • Carplay Offers Improved Connectivity: When connected, Carplay enables accessing iPhone features directly from the dashboard of a vehicle - giving drivers a safer, easier driving experience.
  • Hands-Free Functionality: Carplay allows hands-free operation by using voice command technology for controlling various functions - minimizing distraction while driving and helping prevent collisions.
  • Access Apps: With Carplay you have access to an extensive array of compatible applications ranging from navigation, music streaming services, and messaging applications keeping you connected while on the move.

Features & Characteristics of GXL Carplay for 2016-20 LC200 Series Cars

With its sleek design and cutting-edge technologies, the Wireless CarPlay of LC200 series GXL 2016 - 2020 stands as an icon of automotive innovation. Now with Carplay functionality included in these vehicles. Let's examine some features and characteristics unique to these GXL Carplay vehicles:

Seamless Integration System

Carplay for the 2016-2020 GXL Lexus LC200 series seamlessly integrates into its existing infotainment system to offer an intuitive user experience that mirrors the iPhone display on a car touchscreen.

An Upgraded Display Resolution

The upgrade features an enhanced resolution display to provide crisp and clear visuals in maps, music, messages, and any Carplay-supported applications.

Voice Control

With advanced voice control features, Carplay provides easy navigation so that drivers can focus on driving while remaining connected at the same time.

Stay Connected in Your Car With the Future-Proof Carplay Solution

CarPlay ensures your focus remains squarely on driving whether navigating busy city streets or embarking on an unforgettable road trip. Utilizing its familiar iPhone-esque interface, this handy system makes making calls, sending text messages, or accessing favorite apps an effortless process with just a touch or voice command!

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Enhance LC200 Series with Convenience and Safety

The Benefits of upgrading to CarPlay in an LC200 Series 2016-2020 GXL cannot be denied, users may experience issues during installation. Compatibility issues between certain iPhone models or software glitches could impede seamless integration into CarPlay but with proper troubleshooting and expert guidance.

Whether you're seeking improved convenience or entertainment options, Extnix's Carplay Upgrade for the LC200 Series delivers unparalleled functionality and reliability to enhance convenience, entertainment options, and safety features elevating driving experiences while enjoying seamless integration between Apple devices and your car.


The 2016-2020 GXL Land Cruiser 200 Series Car stereos upgrade provides an impressive technological boost, providing seamless connectivity and access to navigation, music, and communication services further enriching driver comfort and experience as well as safety. This upgrade serves as evidence of Lexus's commitment to user convenience and satisfaction while remaining relevant and competitive within an ever-evolving automotive marketplace.

FAQ’s on LC200 Series 2016 - 2020 GXL Carplay Upgrade

Can I use third-party navigation apps with Carplay?

Yes, Carplay supports various third-party navigation apps, including Google Maps and Waze.

Can I revert to the original infotainment system after installing Carplay?

While technically possible, it would be wise to consult a certified technician before trying this option as this may involve additional modifications that need to be performed first.

Does my Carplay upgrade come with warranty coverage?

Yes, Carplay upgrades typically include warranties provided by their manufacturer or installer be sure to inquire beforehand about what it covers before undertaking installation.