Landcruiser 70 Series vs 100 Series

Landcruiser 70 Series vs 100 Series

31st Jul 2023

Toyota Landcruiser is no doubt a great Light Utility Vehicle (LUV) if you’re an adventure lover who wants to challenge him/her by driving on difficult and tricky all-terrain roads. Toyota Land Cruiser has launched a wide series of cars and two of them are Landcruiser 70 series vs 100 series which have gained massive popularity among people all over the world due to its features and driving skills. To understand the main differences between the two of these types of vehicles, we have discussed their functions in detail.

4 Differences Between Landcruiser 70 Series VS 100 Series:

Following are the main key differences between Landcruiser 70 series vs 100 series.

1. Main Purpose:

The first main difference is that the Landcruiser 70 series were introduced in the year of 1984 and since then for useful purposes, it was made with a purpose to provide something tough and authentic to people who love to drive a car that can be used for hours without any fault. You can even use it for farming, military services, and other heavy works which require a lot of time too.

While Landcruiser 100 series were launched four years after the launch of the 70 series and the main purpose of this model is to make sure that it remains the top choice for cross-country roads and provide enough alleviation and toughness to its users. The size of the Landcruiser 100 series is monstrous and it gives a feeling of opulence too. And that is why most people love to buy it for improving their driving skills and completing their difficult challenges.

2. The Difference in Figure and Pattern:

The second important thing to note between Landcruiser 70 series and 100 series is how they are built(their design or style). The 70 series was built on a simple structure without any additional things which makes it simple yet best while you drive it. But there is no fancy structure of the 70 series as nowadays four-wheeler cars are so much designed and maintained. But that’s what makes it different from other vehicles, its simplicity and old design.

But if we talk about the 100 series, it was designed to be unique yet satisfy the splendor needed if you’re a status-conscious person. The additional features are that if we take a look inside, it has huge and useful cabinets, different in-car advanced technologies, and comfy seats for its user and other passengers. That is why it is also a popular choice among people.

3. All-Terrain Effectiveness:

The third difference is that the 70 series is a great option for all-terrain roads and its speed is very good with effective features which help drivers to take full control over tough situations. You can even use it in bad weather conditions easily.

While even if the 100 series is built with luxurious features it still is a great option for cross-country roads as it includes new and improved techniques and systems which makes it very difficult to stop yourself from experiencing it. It is not as rustic as the 70 series but it is a good choice for people who want to use both elegant and off-road features at a time.

4. Alternatives For Engine:

The fourth and main difference is that the 70 series uses options like V6 and V8 types of diesel for working and provides the best performance with these types of diesel. While the 100 series uses different types of diesel which are available in the market and suit its requirements. Both vehicles enjoy a great tough road experience while driving, giving access to its users to push themselves to their extreme points without holding anything back.

Choose The Best Vehicle For Yourself:

While choosing between the 70 series and 100 series, you can tell your taste to the showroom owner who can help you find the best vehicle for yourself or you can decide by yourself according to the speed level and design preferences you prefer in a vehicle. The 70 series simplicity while the 100 series modern look is both great so choose wisely between them and get the best experience of driving one of the best vehicles for off-roads.


In conclusion, both 70 series and 100 series Landcruisers are great according to their features and characteristics and are in high demand for racing purposes even if it is for professional use or personal use also.

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