​Navigating Through Troubled Waters: How to Fix Waze Errors on Apple CarPlay

17th Sep 2023

There's nothing like cruising down the highway with your favorite tunes blaring and your navigation system guiding the way. But what happens when your co-pilot, in this case, the Waze app on Apple CarPlay, starts throwing tantrums? How to Fix Waze Errors on Apple CarPlay becomes a critical question. Recent updates aimed to enhance the app’s performance but ended up causing a series of errors that have become a thorn in the side for many drivers. Imagine going on an excursion only to realize you forgot your lunch at home - how disappointing! It can be quite disconcerting!

The Waze Errors You Might Encounter on Apple CarPlay

Audio Issues: A Symphony of Frustration

One significant issue is that Waze now controls the audio settings for other apps on CarPlay. Imagine trying to control the volume of your radio only to find that every twist of the knob changes the air conditioning temperature instead. That’s what’s happening here. If you try to adjust the Spotify or Apple Music volume, it's the Waze voice settings that get altered.

Voice Call Hassles

If you're on a call and try to improve the audio quality by turning the volume knob, instead of enhancing your call's sound, Waze’s voice assistant gets louder. It’s like trying to water your garden,

but the hose is spraying water on your car instead!

Display Dilemmas: Missing Speedometer and Speed Limits

Then there's the visual glitch: the speedometer and current speed limits are not fully displayed on some iPhone models. For drivers who depend on the Waze display for speed monitoring, this is more than a minor inconvenience. It's like relying on a wristwatch that decides to hide the hour hand; you're not just annoyed, you’re actually missing crucial information.

Temporary Solutions: Band-Aids for Waze's Wounds

Audio Problems

Voice Control Trick: Go to the Apple CarPlay home screen and press the voice control button on your steering wheel. Press it again to close the interface. This should allow you to adjust the volume for other apps.

Force Quit and Reboot: Force quitting the Waze app on your iPhone may refresh CarPlay and resolve the issue. However, this might require multiple attempts.

Sign Out and In: Try logging out of Waze and signing back in. Though it's hit-or-miss, it's worth a try.

Display Issues

Waze App Reboot: You can force-quit the Waze app on your phone to reboot CarPlay and hopefully fix the display issue.

Hard Reset: This is the "last resort" option. By either uninstalling the app or using the '##@resetapp' command in the search box, you can hard-reset the app. Remember, this will delete all account-related data, such as credentials, favorites, and history. It’s like doing a factory reset on your phone; you’ll lose personal settings but hopefully resolve the persistent glitches.

Alternative Routes: Backup Navigation Apps

While waiting for a Waze update to fix these issues, it's good to have backup options. Consider using other navigation apps like Apple Maps, Google Maps, TomTom Go Navigation, Sygic GPS Navigation, or the basic Maps app. Think of them as your spare tires; not necessarily your first choice, but they'll get you where you need to go in a pinch.

Final Thoughts: Keeping Your Eyes on the Road Ahead

We've come to rely heavily on navigation apps like Waze, especially when paired with the convenient display of Apple CarPlay. These tools have made our driving experience more enjoyable and efficient, almost like having a personal butler in the car with us. But even the best butlers trip up once in a while. That's why knowing how to fix Waze errors on Apple CarPlay is crucial.

While these temporary fixes aren't permanent solutions, they can alleviate the inconvenience caused by these errors. Patching up a leaky boat may not be ideal, but it will keep you sailing until permanent repairs can be made.

So until a new update arrives to address these issues, these workaround methods and navigation apps should keep you on course. After all, the journey is just as important as the destination, and no amount of tech glitches should ruin your drive.