Honda Civic Apple Carplay Upgrade

30th Dec 2023

Modern automobile technologies like the Honda Civic Apple carplay upgrade combine Apple head unit into Honda cars. A simple interface offers navigation, audio streaming, smartphone networking, and voice commands. This simple technology gives drivers real-time information, enjoyment, and convenience. The Honda In car Entertainment entertains and informs drivers and passengers with its excellent connection and functionality.

Enhancing Your Honda Civic Experience with Apple CarPlay

Connecting while driving is crucial in today's fast-paced environment. Honda, a leading automaker, knows how important technological integration is. Here comes Apple CarPlay. Upgrades to Apple CarPlay enhance the driving experience for Honda Civic drivers, offering connection, entertainment, and convenience.

Why Upgrade Your Honda Civic to Apple CarPlay?

Adding Apple CarPlay to your Honda Civic may improve your driving experience. Here are some strong reasons to upgrade:

  • Safety: Safety should always come first while driving. Apple CarPlay lets you use your iPhone while driving, reducing distractions. This may avoid texting or phone-related accidents while driving.
  • Convenience: Using your iPhone's touchscreen in the vehicle simplifies driving. You can easily switch between music, navigation, and calls.
  • Navigation: Real-time traffic updates and accuracy distinguish Apple Maps. By upgrading to Apple CarPlay, you always have a dependable navigation system.
  • Entertainment: Your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks make long rides more pleasurable. CarPlay lets you queue up your favorite entertainment.
  • Value: Upgrade your Honda Civic to Apple CarPlay for better resale value. Used vehicle buyers increasingly value technologies like CarPlay.
  • Future-proofing: CarPlay advances quickly with technology. Upgrading keeps your car compatible with new iPhone models and upgrades.

Your Honda Civic with Apple CarPlay: Methods and Options

There are various ways for the Honda Civic Apple Carplay upgrade, particularly for versions without it. Based on top search results, these methods work best:

Replacement of Aftermarket Head Unit:

  • The variety version adds wireless CarPlay, a volume knob, a bigger, crisper display, and EQ customization.
  • Installation is easy and compatible with the steering wheel and temperature controls. The device has more USB ports.
  • Storage sizes, 4G internet connectivity, and Android Auto compatibility are available.

Utilizing an OEM Head Unit from a Different Model:

  • A 2016 CR-V EX head unit may be installed in a 2015 Civic EX. A software update and disconnection of the car's compass are necessary for optimum CarPlay functionality in this plug-and-play manner.

Wireless CarPlay and Qi Charging Upgrade

  • A CarLink 2.0 adaptor may allow wireless CarPlay in Civics with regular CarPlay. The adapter attaches to the car's USB port and links with the iPhone via Bluetooth.
  • A CarQiWireless custom-fit wireless charging pad may be added to complement wireless CarPlay, making Qi-compatible device charging easy.

Wireless CarPlay on Newer Models:

  • Wireless CarPlay is standard in the 2022 Honda Civic Touring. Infotainment is smooth with a full-screen CarPlay display on a 9-inch screen.

Wireless CarPlay Adapters for Existing Systems:

  • CarLink adapters can wirelessly connect Civics with wired CarPlay. For $55, these adapters get firmware upgrades to increase performance.

These alternatives allow the Honda Civic to be upgraded to Apple CarPlay using aftermarket devices, adapters, or OEM components from other models. Each option offers advantages and benefits for various demands and budgets.


Honda Civic Apple Carplay Upgrade is used to improve your driving experience. Safety, convenience, and entertainment are prioritized on your commute or lengthy car journey. Apple CarPlay lets you remain connected, use navigation, and enjoy your favorite music and entertainment without sacrificing safety.

Apple CarPlay may be added to older Civic models. Take advantage of the chance to improve your driving and remain connected. Enjoy the ride like never before by upgrading your simple Honda to a Honda Wireless Carplay Upgrade.