Doing a Ford Ranger Head Unit Upgrade Now

5th Sep 2023

Ford Rangers are the epitome of a luxurious compact truck, merging high-end performance with modifiable versatility. But there's one game-changing upgrade that every Aussie Ranger owner should consider—the head unit. Read on to discover how a modern head unit will redefine your in-car experience.

Why Your Ford Ranger is Screaming for a Head Unit Upgrade

Still haven't jumped onto the head unit upgrade bandwagon? Here's what you're missing:

  • Wireless/Wired Apple CarPlay & Android Auto: Seamless smartphone integration has never been this efficient.
  • Incredible Sound: Transform your vehicle into a rolling concert hall.
  • GPS and Bluetooth: These aren't just features—they're essentials.
  • Ready for Additional Upgrades: Compatibility with reverse cameras, dash cams, TPMS units (soon), OBD2 scan tools, and battery monitors.
  • Endless App Choices: If you go for an Android-based unit, say hello to Google Play Store apps like Spotify, Waze, WhatsApp, and Hema.

Accessibility and Affordability—Your Time is Now!

Long gone are the days when a head unit upgrade was a complicated and costly affair. Modern units are not just cost-effective but also DIY-friendly, saving you both time and money.

Not Just an Upgrade—It's a Necessity!

Once considered a luxury, modern head units are now a must-have, offering an enriched multimedia ecosystem that brings out the full potential of your Ford Ranger.

Where to Grab the Perfect Head Unit? Extnix Has the Answer

Feature-Packed Units for Your Ford Ranger

Our admiration for the Ford Ranger inspired us to develop head units that pay homage to this Aussie legend. Extnix's units offer:

  • Android OS: The power of flexibility and customization.
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: Because your smartphone should be your co-pilot.
  • Built-In DSP (Digital Signal Processor): For unmatched audio clarity.
  • 3GB RAM and 32GB Storage: Enough memory for all your apps and files. 4 & 8 GB options available.
  • Octa core Processor: Say goodbye to lag and hello to quick response.
  • Factory/OEM Compatibility: No conflicts, only seamless integration.
  • Swift Boot Time & Capacitive Touch Screen: For a premium user experience.

Choose Your Ranger

Select from Extnix range of Ford Ranger units:

What's in the Box?

Your Extnix Ford Ranger head unit package comes with:

  • PlugnPlay Install Cable Adaptor Kit
  • Trim Removal Tools (optional)
  • OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool (optional)
  • Free AHD 720p Night Vision Reverse Camera

Wrapping Up: The Road to a Superior Ford Ranger Experience

Your Ford Ranger, whether a classic or the latest model, is a symbol of safety, performance, and style. Why not elevate that experience by injecting it with cutting-edge multimedia features? Trust us; once you upgrade your head unit, your Ford Ranger drives will never be the same.

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