Bringing the Apple Car Closer Than You Think

Bringing the Apple Car Closer Than You Think

5th Sep 2023

Apple's Grand Vision for the Road Ahead: From CarPlay to Apple Car

Apple Inc., founded in 1976 by the iconic duo Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, has been a pioneering force in user-friendly technology. From their groundbreaking Apple 1 to the modern iPhone, they have consistently set industry standards. Now, the tech giant is revving up to change the future of mobility with the much-anticipated Apple Car.

The Mysterious Apple Car: When Speculation Meets Reality

Though hampered by internal corporate challenges and likely at least four years from reality, the anticipation for the Apple Car is palpable. Could this be an outgrowth of Apple CarPlay's tremendous success? Let's examine each detail carefully.

The Phenomenal Rise of Apple CarPlay

Launched in 2014 to a somewhat skeptical market, Apple CarPlay has since become a ubiquitous feature in new cars. The software elegantly extends your iPhone's interface to your car’s head unit, making essential apps for navigation, messaging, and entertainment easily accessible.

Why CarPlay is a Game-Changer

What sets CarPlay apart is its remarkable capability to make driving both convenient and safe. Whether you connect via wire or wirelessly, a simple touch or a Siri voice command can let you navigate, message, call, or even order food effortlessly. It’s the ultimate co-pilot that was once only a figment of sci-fi imaginations!

Is the Apple Car the Future?

CriteriaApple CarPlayProspected Apple Car
In-Car NavigationYesYes
Messaging & CallsYesYes
Media PlaybackYesYes
Direct Food OrderingYesLikely
Self-Driving CapabilitiesNoExpected
Deep Integration with iOSYesAssumed
Available NowYesNo

In all likelihood, Apple CarPlay serves as a prelude to the more ambitious Apple Car. With self-driving tech from companies like Tesla showing promise yet leaving room for improvement, Apple's expertise could be the missing piece to the puzzle. Further propelling the possibility, Apple has strategically invested $3.6 billion in Kia Motors this year, indicating serious intent.

Apple Car vs The World

If there's one company that could stand toe-to-toe with other players in this rapidly evolving arena, it’s Apple. Once internal hurdles are cleared, the Apple Car could become more than just an ambitious concept.

The CarPlay Revolution

In the interim, Apple CarPlay enjoys an expansive ecosystem, with 80% of new cars worldwide and leading brands like Ford, BMW, Volkswagen, and Toyota offering support. In Australia, an increasing number of motorists are opting for aftermarket head units that are CarPlay-compatible.

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The Road to Apple Car: A Journey Worth the Wait

While the world eagerly anticipates the Apple Car, the impressive capabilities of Apple CarPlay offer a glimpse into Apple’s automotive vision. And it’s safe to say, that vision is far from just a pipe dream. So, until the Apple Car becomes a reality, getting the most out of CarPlay seems like a pretty sweet deal.

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