Audi Apple Carplay

26th Dec 2023

Audi cars have made incredible advancements in improving the driving experience by combining the complexity of Audi with the user-friendly interface of Apple CarPlay. As of 2023, all new Audi cars will have Apple CarPlay as standard, demonstrating the technology's growing popularity and demand in the automobile industry. This integration provides direct access to various iPhone applications and services on the vehicle's infotainment screen, increasing convenience and connection for drivers and passengers.

Audi Apple CarPlay Connectivity and Driving Experience

The A3, A4, A6, A7, and Q7 were among the first Audi cars to offer Apple CarPlay in all grades in 2017. Audi's early adoption shows its dedication to car connection and cutting-edge technology. Audi's Apple CarPlay integration goes beyond connection. Audi apple CarPlay-enabled automobiles from 2020 to 2023 support Maps, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, Pandora, Radio Disney, iHeartRadio, and VOX. This vast choice of apps lets drivers access navigation, entertainment, and information services, improving their driving experience.

With iOS 13 and iOS 14, Apple CarPlay has gained more sophisticated functions. CarPlay is now more straightforward and comprehensive for Audi owners thanks to these changes.

Audi's Seamless Wireless Apple CarPlay

Audi has also embraced the ease of wireless technology in terms of connection. Extnix Infotainment Systems Upgrade Wireless Apple CarPlay is available for new Audi vehicles, removing the need for USB connections and expediting the connection procedure. Users must have Bluetooth, WiFi, and Siri turned on to use this function. This wireless integration reflects a trend toward smoother, hassle-free automobile networking choices.

Innovation Across Vehicle Range

Integration of Audi Apple CarPlay throughout its vehicle lineup, from sedans to SUVs and electric cars, demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative and user-centric technology. This enhancement improves the driving experience and places Audi at the forefront of automotive connection and technology trends.

What does Apple Carplay offer you?

  • Better Driving Experience: Audi is dedicated to enhancing the driving experience by including innovative connection technologies.
  • Apple CarPlay Standardization: Audi shows forethought by including Apple CarPlay as a standard feature across all grades, assuring extensive user accessibility.
  • Wireless Convenience: Select Audi models now have wireless Apple CarPlay, eliminating wires and streamlining the connection procedure.
  • Seamless Interconnection: Audi's introduction of wireless Apple CarPlay underscores the company's commitment to providing people with smooth and hassle-free connection alternatives.
  • At the Forefront of Technological Trends: Audi positioned itself at the cutting edge of automotive communication and technology trends, stressing a commitment to inventing every drive.


Audi's planned incorporation of Apple CarPlay in all trims shows its dedication to improving driving. Wireless convenience shows Audi's commitment to seamless connection, while its technological leadership shows ingenuity in every drive. Audi leads the car industry with user-centric innovations that make driving connected and inventive.