Aerpro CHFO14C vs Aerpro CHFO7C

21st Jan 2024

Aerpro offers two car stereo Aerpro CHFO14C vs Aerpro CHFO7C installation kits tailored for different Ford vehicles: CHFO14C is ideal for 2008 onward Ford vehicles while CHFO7C covers 2004 to 2007 models. Both kits provide user-friendly solutions to upgrade car audio systems safely while meeting specific model year specifications.

Importance of Quality Audio Interfaces

Quality audio interfaces play an essential role in providing precise reproduction across various applications, whether microphones, instruments, computers or recording systems are being utilized. ISO Wireless Harness acts as bridges between these sources (microphones or instruments) and recording systems/computers and should capture/transmit signals with high fidelity to minimize distortion/interference issues.

Aerpro CHFO14C

  • Key Features: The Aerpro CHFO14C boasts advanced features, such as compatibility with various car models for seamless integration into their audio systems.
  • Design and Build Quality: The CHFO14C features an attractive yet robust build quality for enhanced longevity and aesthetic appeal - seamlessly fitting in to the car interior design.
  • Compatibility and Installation: This audio interface was specifically created to ensure smooth integration into various car models without complicated installations processes, providing users with seamless audio connectivity improvements without the hassle.

Aerpro CHFO7C

  • Main Characteristics: Its features include compatibility with various car models and seamless integration into existing systems, high-performance capabilities that deliver exceptional audio quality, as well as reliable connectivity.
  • Design Elements: The CHFO7C features an elegant yet compact design. With intuitive controls and a straightforward setup process, its user-friendly interface provides seamless operation.

Comparative Analysis between Aerpro CHFO14C vs Aerpro CHFO7C

In this comparative analysis between Aerpro CHFO14C and CHFO7C into their unique features that distinguish each entity within their specific environments.

  • Design Differences: Both models share distinct design features; with the CHFO14C sporting an ultra-modern aesthetic while its counterpart, CHFO7C, embraces more classic yet functional aesthetic. This variety in form factors allows different users and usage scenarios to find what best meets them.
  • Comparative Features: CHFO7C In terms of features, both devices offer unique offerings. While the CHFO14C features superior connectivity options and intuitive controls that meet modern users' demands for increased versatility; on the other hand, its counterpart, the CHFO7C provides simple controls with more direct functionality for those seeking simplicity over complexity.
  • Performance and Quality Analysis: Both models undergo stringent performance and quality assessments. The CHFO14C offers exceptional high-end performance for challenging tasks while the CHFO7C offers reliable output that guarantees consistent output. Which model you ultimately decide upon depends upon individual preferences while offering both advanced capabilities with user-friendly operation.

Compatibility with Different Car Models

The Aerpro CHFO7C Steering Wheel Control Interface (SWC) makes upgrading to an aftermarket head unit easier by maintaining your factory steering wheel controls while simultaneously adding aftermarket features such as Bluetooth. Engineered specifically to fit various Ford vehicles, the steering wheel control interface comes equipped with a harness equipped with vehicle-specific plugs designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing wiring in the vehicle without cutting into its existing wiring harness.

CHFO14C Compatibility Range

Our CHFO14C audio interface can connect with numerous car models suit ford ranger PXII 2015 - 2018 for an enjoyable audio experience across a range of cars.

CHFO7C Compatibility Range

Experience audio excellence with the CHFO7C audio interface, designed for use across many car models to deliver outstanding sound performance for an enhanced driving experience.

Vehicles Known to Work with This Product: 

Ford Kuga 2013- TF 

Ford Ranger 2012-2015 PX 

Ford Transit 2013- Custom 

Ford Focus 2012-2014 LW, LWII

Ford EcoSport 2013-2017 BK 

Ford Fiesta 2012-2018 WT, WZ

Technical Specifications Contrasted

The Aerpro CHFO14C vs Aerpro CHFO7C are car audio installation harnesses designed for specific Ford models. These technical solutions ensure seamless integration and compatibility for enhanced audio systems in the supported vehicles.

Tech Specifics of CHFO14C

The CHFO14C boasts impressive technical specs, including an HD display, powerful processor, ample storage capacity, and advanced connectivity options. Boasting fast processing speeds, vivid visuals, and multiple connectivity solutions it stands out as a highly capable device suitable for various applications.

Tech Specs of CHFO7C

The CHFO7C offers its own distinct set of technical specs that emphasize portability, energy efficiency, and special-purpose functionality. Although more compact in form factor than others on this list, its impressive performance makes it suitable for users prioritizing mobility without forgoing essential features.


Selecting between the Aerpro CHFO14C vs Aerpro CHFO7C depends entirely upon personal taste and specific usage scenarios. While the CHFO14C excels with robust performance and extensive features that meet user demand for computing needs, its counterpart offers portability and energy efficiency as an attractive selling point - an attractive combination when seeking compact yet efficient devices with substantial capabilities.