Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series 2009 -2022 Wireless Apple CarPlay Android Auto Infotainment System

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  • Extnix Front Dash Camera HD with Night Vision (for head units)
  • EXTNIX AV out box USB to CVBS Adapter for Android Infotainment Systems
  • Extnix OBD Bluetooth Scan Tool – OBD2 Scan Tool
  • 5 pcs tool kit
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Toyota Land Cruiser 70 76 79 Series 2009 - 2022 Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Infotainment System Upgrade 

Massive 9" HD IPS 2.5D Touch Screen, Android 10, 3+32GB, USB, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi Receiver, AM/FM Radio Reverse Camera, etc.

Suits: Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series 2009+ (UTE, Troop Carrier, Wagon) 

In modern times, technology has revolutionized almost every device including our vehicles with features that were unimaginable a few years ago. From a touch display to voice recognition and so on, it has truly done wonders.

Unfortunately, Toyota, hasn’t caught up to the latest market trends and 70 Series is still a forgotten child when it comes to new technology. Without these latest features, it seems as if you are operating just a box and nothing else.

What to do in such a situation? Well, why not get an Extnix infotainment system?

Our infotainment system is a great way to access your phone’s features while driving (navigation, music and communication tools) and even allows you to use voice commands (Hey Siri, Hey Google). Just how cool is that?

And there is no better infotainment system than Extnix Toyota Land Cruiser 70 76 79 Series 2009 - 2022 Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Infotainment System .

Wireless Apple Car Play Android Auto Infotainment System

Extnix Wireless Apple Car Play Android Auto Infotainment System is a dream come true for all those people who needed a futuristic infotainment system in their car. Other than being a super reliable device, it comes with several amazing features.


  • Wireless Apple CarPlay

You can easily get your iPhone experience on your vehicle with Wireless Apple Car Play. You can now safely control your iPhone on your car and activate it using the voice recognition system or the touch-screen.

Not to mention, you can make calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, and navigate the maps. It presents a very efficient way of converting your car into a smart vehicle that you can control.

  • Wireless Android Auto

Other than supporting Wireless Apple CarPlay, it also comes with Wireless Android Auto, which means you can even use your compatible Android smartphone in the vehicle. It means no matter what type of phone you have; you can easily connect it to your car.

Just activate it using the touch screen or your voice and get access to a plethora of functions like calling, sending and receiving messages, listening to music, and navigating maps. You can do it all within seconds without any problem. 

  • Simple Installation

You will be pleased to know that Extnix Infotainment System is very easy to install. It will take you only a short while to have it installed in your dashboard. It might take anywhere between 30-60 minutes.

Unlike many other systems, this infotainment system is designed to save you time while ensuring maximum entertainment. 

  • Quick Wake-Up and Response Time

Now, nobody actually needs a slow and lagging infotainment system. Honestly, would you like a screen that takes five minutes to wake up? We all know the answer.

Therefore, to ease your plight and enhance your experience, Extnix Wireless Apple Car Play Android Auto Infotainment System is designed to be really efficient and quick. It comes with a 1-second wake-up time. It means it is always ready to be active and do what you want.

It instantaneously wakes up and you can do whatever you want from making a call to sending a message and navigating the maps. Not to mention, it is highly responsive, which means you will never experience a lag. Even in some modern vehicles, there are lagging and slow infotainment systems.

However, with Extnix Wireless Apple Car Play Android Auto Infotainment System, you don’t experience the same problems at all. It is super-fast and always ready to get the job done!

  • Digital Signal Processor

The AK7604, an audio processor by Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), optimized for processing high resolution music sources in automotive sound systems.  A portion of the specifications from the DSP core, Audio I/O, A/D converter, and D/A converter of the AK7738 were adopted in the AK7604.  Features were optimized and slimmed down, using only the necessary blocks for audio in the AK7604.

  • 28-bit simple floating-point arithmetic achieves various audio processes such as surround sound processing, a parametric equalizer, and various sound effects.
  • Basic functions of audio processing such as EQ, Bass, Compressor and Loudness can be adjusted intuitively with graphical user interface, (GUI)


  • User Manual

To further improve your experience, we now have downloadable user manual to assist you with operations. It shows you all the instructions you need to truly use the Extnix Wireless Apple Car Play Android Auto Infotainment System and realize its true potential.

There are categories for each function and you can simply scroll to the section, the one you are unable to understand or have difficulty navigating. It will educate you and give you all the information you need to operate your infotainment system as you prefer.

Specifications of Extnix Wireless Apple Car Play Android Auto Infotainment System

The technical specification of the infotainment system is as follows: 

  • Android 10.0
  • 3GBs of Ram and 32GBs of Storage
  • Cortex A55 Octa-UIS858 @1.6 GHz x 8 (8 Cores)
  • A 2.5D hardened glass multipoint touchscreen of 9 inches with a resolution of 720 x 1280 and a viewing angle of IPS 170 degrees
  • A Digital Sound Process and a 4 x 45W amplifier


In addition to it, the following are some features of the Extnix Wireless Apple Car Play Android Auto Infotainment System:

  • Frame / Fascia kit with OEM appearance
  • Plug and Play harnesses
  • Auxiliary A/V input
  • Reverse camera input with accurate guidelines
  • 2 USB inputs
  • GPS receiver and antenna
  • Wi-Fi functionality
  • Bluetooth – supports both Android and Apple devices
  • Free AHD Reverse Camera

Please Note: 

1) This unit comes with Plug & Play wiring to suit Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series models (76, 78, 79) from 2009 onwards. 2018+ Models with factory reverse camera and GPS system may need optional wiring. Power raido antenna button may not work with aftermarket units.

2) We Strongly Recommend using an expert car audio installer to install the unit to avoid any damage to your car or the unit.

3) Pictures are for illustration purpose only and information provided is correct at the time of publication. We believe in constant enhancement of our products. The product you receive may have a different user interface and/or some options may be slightly different then shown in the pictures/ detailed above. If in doubt please contact us before you buy.

4) Please read EXTNIX Return and Warranty Policy

5) We are not associated with Toyota Australia. All products sold are aftermarket products. All warranties are provided by Extreme Electronix Pty Ltd.  All pictures used are for reference only. All third-party brands and trademarks belong to their respective owners.

12 Months Australian Replacement Warranty