Harness Pin Removal Tool - 18 Piece Pack MRT004

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Harness Pin Removal Tool - 18 Piece Pack

Product Features:

These pin removal tools are designed to be inserted into a wiring harness and over a connector terminal/ pin, applying pressure onto the release tab and allowing you to slide the pin out.
Each specific pin removal tool is designed to work correctly with the matching harness pin. They allow easy removal without damaging the pin or housing
The tool kit is universal and comes included with a pin remover to suit most aftermarket and factory harness connectors

18 Piece Pack Contains:

1. 0.8mm Single Pinning Tool
2. 1.0mm Single Pinning Tool
3. 1.2mm Single Pinning Tool
4. 1.4mm Single Pinning Tool
5. 2.0mm Single Pinning Tool
6. 2.0mm Double Pinning Tool
7. 3.0mm Double Pinning Tool
8. 4.5mm Double Pinning Tool
9. 6.0mm Double Pinning Tool
10. Double Pinning Tool (Inside 3mm / Outside 8mm)
11. 2.0mm Round Pinning Tool
12. 2.6mm Round Pinning Tool
13. 3.2mm Round Pinning Tool
14. 3.9mm Round Pinning Tool
15. 4.9mm Round Pinning Tool
16. 6.2mm Round Pinning Tool
17. Double Needle With Tip Pinning Tool
18. Single Needle With Tip Pinning Tool

Packaging: Poly bag with barcode sticker